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Our Mission

Women in developing nations, in many cases mothers and grandmothers, carry the significant burden of feeding, clothing and caring for families. The reasons in some cases are cultural, in others the situation results from conflict, disease, divorce or abandonment.

The Clueit Foundation is a California based not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to empowering women in developing countries through education and business development, with a particular emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa.

The Foundation intends to help alleviate the shortage of opportunities for females by providing education scholarships in support of studies related to business, agriculture and traditional crafts through “The Clueit Foundation Women’s Empowerment Scholarship Program”.  Scholarships are to enable recipients to complete a primary, secondary or tertiary education program leading to a certificate, diploma, undergraduate or graduate qualification at named institutions in Africa.

How are we funded?

The Foundation is primarily funded by Gary & Susan Clueit.

We rely on volunteers and operate from a donated office. Except for a few statutory, legal and minimal other expenses, all income is put to work in support of the Foundation's goals.  No Foundation resources are used for fundraising.

Our Financial Status

You can review all the Foundation's PF990 tax returns at and searching on "Clueit Foundation".

Our Tax Exempt Status

You can view our IRS approved non-profit status here, and our California approved status here.


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